Group Benefits

Through our employee group benefits and health management services, we help you understand employee needs, options available to the organization and take into account a comprehensive wellness approach. We design, negotiate and administer high impact employee health and financial wellness benefit programs. We:

  • Help organizations achieve cost savings, time efficiencies, employee satisfaction, and improved return on investment (ROI)
  • Assume a leadership role in organizational health benefits and retirement savings plans 
  • Communicate with organization leadership, employees and vendors 
  • Are a trusted point of contact for prompt, effective handling of health and savings plan issues
  • Offer integration with HRO Core’s other service offerings

Once a plan is implemented, HRO Core can provide a range of support service to manage and administer the plan.

Individual Coverage

HRO Core also provides individuals and business owners with insurance solutions to address individual needs:

  • Personal Health Plans: we work with Medavie Blue Cross to implement a health plan for individuals and their family members.
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability and Critical Illness Insurance