Mental Emotional Resilience

Building resilience, improving performance under stress, preventing stress injury

For leaders (business corporations and organisations)
For employees
For individual coaching sessions

Evidence based, mindfulness-based practical exercises, developed by military officers for high-stress organisations. Highly participatory, experiential training modules or individual coaching will be delivered in accordance with your organisational / corporate culture and operational training needs.

HRO Core is happy to offer these programs in partnership with Lennart Krogoll from MBWARE Training, who specializes in mindfulness based approaches, specifically designed to assist high stress service organisations.

The US Naval Research Centre together with the US Marine Corps conducted a number of research studies on the mindfulness-based exercises included in these workshops, and many neuroscience studies provide further evidence for their effectiveness.

Training Objective:

The Training provides research-based knowledge, practical skills and a tool-kit of evidence based exercises that:​

  • Enhance mental, emotional and physical resilience, leading to improved health, wellness,moral and performance outcomes
  • Empower stress management and self-care skills for ‘on the spot’ application, when encountering stressors on the job
  • Increase capacity to protect from and prevent ‘Burn-Out’, or stress effects
  • Support recovery from long term stress and trauma effects
  • Strengthen accountability and self-empowerment
  • Enhance situational awareness, agility and attention focus under stress
  • Enhance self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Strengthen communication, de-escalation and decision making skills under stress
  • Increase self-management (including emotion regulation), social awareness (reading behavioral cues and empathy training), and effective communication, sensitivity and interpersonal relations management
  • Provide practical, introductory understanding of the neuroscience of resilience, stress and stress management, and the scientific basis for mindfulness, and remove the stigma from stress reaction and injury

Specific skills taught include:

  • Skills to increase comfort-zone and resilience
  • Attention, focusing and mindfulness skills
  • Physiology management and balancing skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Difficult conversation skills
  • Conflict de-escalation and conflict management skills
  • Engaged, empathic and reflective listening skills
  • Emotion regulation, self-awareness and self-management skills
  • Skills to settle, regulate and de-conflict the autonomic nervous system
  • Breath regulation and other stress management skills and practices
  • Self-care and wellness practices
  • Cognitive reframing skills and positive attitudinal skills
  • Ability to go beyond ‘automatic-pilot’ or habitual re-action, to situational awareness and intentional response

Our highly experienced instructors have taught mindfulness based exercises since 1986, have led dozens of leadership and resilience training programs for high-stress service organisations, using applied mindfulness-in-action scenario exercises.

We look forward to discussing with you how this unique methodology can complement and enhance already existing efforts towards improving resilience and stress transformation for yourself, for your leaders and staff.

Direct contact: Lennart Krogoll, Director of Mindfulness Resilience Training – Military and Police Forces