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Mindfulness Training for Corporate Employees

With our mindfulness training, we aspire to help individuals gain the tools required to cope in high pressure environments. We at HRO Core know that the workplace can be a busy, stressful place, and helping employees to balance work and other important areas of life are vital in maintaining happy, healthy, and efficient employees. Instead of trying to externally attribute worry to that which we have no control over, our mindfulness training helps employees gain an internal understanding of their mind and the way it works. This insight, and self-awareness, provides individuals with the tools to cope with a demanding workload. In this way HRO Core programs introduce mindfulness and its applications to work, personal and organizational effectiveness.

Our programs usually start with an “Introduction to Mindfulness” session to give individuals an overview of the techniques and benefits that can come from engaging in this sort of training. Following sessions can focus on stress, communication, being mindful while busy, and other areas, dependent upon what your company needs.