We provide management support in dealing with the day-to-day issues involving staff. Issues range from personnel administration, training and compensation, to hiring, firing and performance management. We provide human resource advice and consultation in dealing with these complex issues.

HRO Core Inc. works with knowledge based businesses and assists them in maintaining competitive advantage. One way we do this is by assisting companies in attracting, retaining and assisting with development of people.

The growing demand for talent means that it is increasingly difficult to attract, motivate and retain the best employees, and throwing money at the problem is no longer an effective solution. At HRO Core Inc., we take a holistic approach to thinking about what really attracts and engages talent.

Our Discovery Engagement process enables us to understand your business objectives and the results you want to achieve. We then assist you in defining the talent you require to achieve results and create a plan which includes key reasons why the right people will come, stay, and contribute to your company.

The competition for talent starts with attracting the right people to your organization. We work in international markets to assist you in achieving this.

At HRO Core Inc. we believe in finding more creative solutions to the challenges of attraction and selection. Our innovative approach, integrated with other HR services, assists you in attracting the top talent and helps you get the most from your recruiting investment.

We can help you to:

» Describe to prospective employees how your organization creates value and align recruitment processes with business strategy

» Develop a clear and consistent understanding of the behaviours you are looking for in employees to enable you to select for fit as much as for professional or technical competence

» Create a compelling offer of why a candidate should work for you

» Take a smarter approach to technology to help you recruit more effectively and efficiently