Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!
We hope 2015 was successful for you and your business, and wish you a prosperous and healthy 2016! HRO Core is excited to begin 2016 in a new space in downtown Halifax, at 5162 Duke Street, Suite 400.
So far this year we are delighted to be working with two new clients on benefits, and employee handbooks. The Health, Wellness and Mindfulness Programs we launched last year have been a big hit and are evolving as we add new partners to the delivery team.
Book a session now with our local dietician who will provide a delicious lunch-and-learn packed full of information. Last week she delivered a session on how to adjust your diet to boost the immune system and avoid those nasty winter colds!
Or, you could start off 2016 by introducing Mindfulness to your team – improve communications, reduce stress and make a move for a more effective team!
Another option is a goal setting session: we help individuals establish financial, personal, physical, spiritual, work, social, and family goals. The research is clear: people who set goals are more successful. Successful, well-rounded people make effective employees, and goal setting is a great activity to get employees on track for the rest of the year.
All our best wishes for 2016, looking forward to being in touch,
Bryan & Liz
The HRO Core Team

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